How to Motivate Grown-Ups

How old were you when you realized most adults don’t have their lives together any more than you do? As kids, we just assume that stuff eventually falls into place when we get older. Nope. Whether you’re seven or 70, life is full of unknowns and curveballs. So, even though life’s still a little crazy as an adult, we learn tools and tricks to persevere and push through the hard times so that we come out stronger. We learn to bounce back and be resilient. Or at least, that’s the goal.

Here’s another question…Have you ever met an adult that doesn’t have these skills? Yup. Us too – lot’s of them. Interacting with folks who lack ambition, passion, or positivity can be a real drain on your reserves of good vibes. So, how do we encourage people in these positions to change and grow? Focusing on someone’s shortcomings is likely to be a source of discouragement and resentment rather than motivation. Instead, we recommend consistently role modeling good behavior in your own life. Whether it’s your parent, your spouse, or your hair stylist, you have the power to motivate these individuals, simply by doing more for yourself. Talk about a win-win!

Grown-ups need role models just as much as children do. We need people who inspire us by modeling lifestyle choices that we can replicate. Here are a few ideas to help you motivate other adults in your life:

  • Treat your body right. We know it seems obvious, but eating right, moving your body, and settling your mind all help you to become a more vibrant, energetic, and balanced person. When you actively work to better these areas of your life, others start to notice your results (and they’re going to want to know which magic pill you took to achieve such greatness)! By sharing your story of constant hard work and commitment to yourself, you’ll be spreading a realistic expectation for healthy living that others can also adopt.
  • Be kind. Ah, yes. The golden rule – treat others how you want to be treated. So simple, but so easily forgotten. Incorporate kindness into your daily routine, and you’ll see your mood, and the mood of those around you, improve. Say please and thank you. Hold the door for the guy behind you. Let the person with one item go ahead of you in line at the grocery store. The ripple effect of your actions will go further than you know.
  • Have some self-respect. Setting healthy expectations for yourself shows others how you expect them to treat you as well. Not only that, it gives them an idea of what’s “acceptable” to expect for themselves. Set an example for people in your life by refusing to sacrifice your goals and ultimate success.

The moral of this story? You’re likely to have more success motivating adults in your life through doing than telling. Focus first on implementing strategies into your own life that bring you energy, inspiration, and joy. Others will quickly jump on the bandwagon.

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