Become An Instructor

Become a Shine Instructor!

Do you look around at the women in your world and think, “They deserve more?” They deserve to be happy, healthy, and confident in the body they’ve been given. You’re already on your way to being an awesome SHiNE™️ Instructor!

SHiNE Instructors aren’t just “workout coaches.” They’re not professional dancers with perfect technique. SHiNE Instructors are real people just like you, who see this need in the world and aren’t afraid to do their part to fill it. Start your journey of becoming a SHiNE Instructor by participating in a live or online training where you’ll receive all of the tools and resources you need to start SHiNING in your community today! The SHiNE DANCE FITNESS™ instructor training is recognized by AFAA (11 CEUs Live, 10 CEUs Online), and  NASM (1.1 CEUs Live, 1.0 CEUs Online) and ACE (0.7 CECs Live, 1.47 CECs Online) if you require continuing education credits for your group fitness instructor certification.

Why teach Shine?



  • Choreography notes to break down the routines
  • Tutorials to guide you through full routines and unique steps
  • Access to high-quality marketing materials to help promote your classes
  • Inclusion on the location finder so potential students can find your class
  • Regular email newsletters with new choreography, marketing tools, and exciting updates
  • Opportunities for ongoing training and feedback from SHiNE HQ
  • Monthly calls with Kendall and other instructors worldwide
  • Sample playlists to help you build successful classes
  • Discounts on SHiNE swag



  1. Take the training – Regardless of prior experience, all potential SHiNE Instructors must participate in a live OR online SHiNE instructor training. You’ll learn the SHiNE class format, choreography essentials, and all the details about what sets our program apart from other group fitness options.
  2. Submit an evaluation video – After training, you’ll have 60 days to submit a video of yourself teaching three, pre-selected SHiNE routines. You’ll receive thorough, constructive feedback to help you SHiNE your brightest.
  3. Sign the licensing agreement – This agreement sets the terms between your independent SHiNE class and SHiNE Dance Fitness™, LLC.
  4. Begin your instructor membership – Choose a monthly or yearly (best value) membership option to gain access to the private SHiNE instructor portal. Within the portal you’ll find all the tools you need to launch your career as a certified SHiNE Instructor!

Start your own Shine class. Get certified today!

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A live SHiNE instructor training is a full day of lecture, small-group discussion, and lots of dancing! Live trainings begin with a full, 1-hour demo class, followed by business, movement, and application sessions.

The online SHiNE instructor training covers the same materials as our live training, but the content is spread out over four weeks. Each week, students receive online video modules with accompanying study guide chapters and assignments. Online training allows you to work through the material at your own pace from anywhere with internet access. You have the opportunity to share and ask questions in a private online group led by a SHiNE Trainer and Mentor so you are fully supported through the process.

So much! Instructors have access to a full library of tutorial videos, detailed choreography notes, online classes, a 15% discount on most SHiNE merchandise, and more!

The one-time investment to participate in a live or online training ranges from $199-$275 depending on training format and early-bird options.

Once you’ve completed the SHiNE instructor training, you’ll be eligible to purchase your SHiNE instructor membership for $24.99/month or $255/year (best value). This gives you access to the choreography and other resources you’ll need along your instructor journey.

Depending on your chosen business model, you may need to independently lease a location, secure group fitness music licensing and/or liability insurance. SHiNE Dance Fitness does not provide these services but can give recommendations.

For merchandise, trainings, and memberships, we accept electronic payments through the SHiNE Shop. Payments are accepted from all major credit and/or debit card companies. PayPal is also accepted. However, this payment method is more difficult to support as SHiNE will not have access to your PayPal information if billing issues arise. 

SHiNE instructors with active memberships have access to all instructor content through the website, i.e. Instructor Portal. Access is available through mobile devices, laptops or desktop computers.

Instructor Certification & Training

  • Payment is due upon registration.
  • Early-bird rates apply up to 1-month prior to the training start date unless otherwise noted.
  • No refunds will be offered to registered participants. However, you can reschedule your training within one (1) year of your original purchase date with no additional fees.

Instructor Memberships

  • Billing automatically renews and is month-to-month or year-to-year, depending on the subscription purchased.
  • Payment is due on receipt and recurring billing dates are based on the date initially purchased.
  • No refunds are granted for partial month or year membership usage.


  • Payment is due at time of placing the order.
  • Refunds will only be provided for damaged products or shipping errors.
  • Exchanges are available, but shipping costs are not covered.

This private group provides an opportunity to share successes, struggles, thoughts, comments, stories and inspiration. Despite the distance and any differences between us, we all have a common love of SHiNE to bring us together.

We understand in certain circumstances, you may be unable to maintain your instructor membership. You can cancel at any time, but no refunds are provided for partial month or year usage. After cancellation, you’ll still have access to member-only content until your final billing subscription period runs out at the end of the current month or year you purchased. Account suspensions block future payments and access to the website’s instructor-only areas but can be re-enabled at a later date. An account can be suspended one-time per billing period. Note: Instructor memberships inactive for more than one (1) year may require attending an instructor training and certification again prior to reactivation.