Dance At HQ


SHiNE HQ is located in Eagle, ID and serves as home-base for SHiNE Dance Fitness operations. The SHiNE HQ studio is where all online classes are recorded, choreography tutorials are filmed, and weekly SHiNE, SHiNE LIGHT and UPLIFT classes take place.

Stop by to dance with us if you’re passing through town, or join us on a regular basis if you’re a local! Drop-ins are always welcome.

Note: Pricing and class schedule information provided on this page are for live classes at SHiNE HQ only. Details vary for other locations.


VIP Pass* $85.00/mo
10 Class Pass $120.00
5 Class Pass $65.00
Single Class (1st class free) $15.00

*The VIP Pass details:

  • Requires 6-month contract
  • Unlimited monthly classes
  • PLUS Online subscription ($19.99/mo value!)
  • Special VIP only events


Prior to purchasing any Class Pass for the SHiNE HQ studio, you’ll need to register an account with us. You only need to do this once. Click on the button below to get started!


Once you’ve registered, you next need to pre-pay for classes. This can be done by purchasing a Class Pass (punch card) or an unlimited VIP membership. For first time students only, be sure to click on the ‘1st Time Pass’ button to try us for FREE!

For existing HQ Students, this is where you’ll come back to purchase additional Class Passes as needed.


Now that you have your Class Pass, you are ready to reserve your spot in an upcoming class. Click on the ‘Sign Up’ buttons in the Calendar below to use one of your Class Passes and enroll in that class.

Note: No Shows are charged still, so be sure to cancel your reservation at least 2-hours prior if you cannot attend. The Class Calendar only allow resevations up to 2-weeks in advance. If a class is already full, you can ‘Join Waitlist’ to automatically get added if a spot opens up.  See you on the dance floor!



SHiNE Dance Fitness, LLC
370 S. Eagle Road
Eagle, ID 83616


PO BOX 2526
Eagle, ID 83714



Classes usually last one hour, and all workouts can be modified to accommodate varying fitness levels. Each class has a unique playlist that builds on routines from prior weeks to provide consistency and build confidence!

SHiNE Dance Fitness classes incorporate choreography founded in traditional jazz, ballet, and hip hop. Each routine is set to hit music with moves designed to leave you feeling confident, capable, and strong. 

SHiNE LIGHT classes use the same choreography as SHiNE Dance Fitness, but have been made more accessible with reduced impact and complexity.

UPLIFT classes are not dance classes. However, each routine is choreographed to music and when safety is NOT compromised, you’re likely to find a booty shake or shimmy!

Some classes require equipment to get the most out of the workout while others do not! 

SHiNE Dance Fitness and SHiNE LIGHT classes DO incorporate toning routines. However, they do NOT require any equipment. 

For UPLIFT classes, you’ll want a pair of light, medium and heavy dumbbells (between 1-15 lbs) and at least 1 resistance band. Items needed for class are provided on-site at HQ or you are welcome to bring your own.

The private SHiNE HQ Facebook group is for local SHiNE HQ students to share, stay connected, and get updates on happenings at the studio. After purchasing your class pass, please request to join SHiNE HQ on Facebook!

We don’t often offer these discounts, and if we do they are typically limited to new students. For the best deal, purchase a monthly unlimited VIP Pass!

Yes. Class passes are valid for up to 12-months after the purchase date.

Absolutely not! Our class participants have a wide variety of experience levels including several group fitness beginners. We encourage everyone to come as you are. There are no expectations or comparisons. Everyone is here to encourage and get stronger together.

There is no required outfit. Be comfortable, but wear something that is light and moves freely. You can expect to sweat! A supportive, clean pair of athletic shoes are recommended.

HQ is where all of our online streamed classes originate. We record about 20% of our classes for our online members. These classes are not available to anyone other than fellow students with active memberships. Online members tend to focus on the instructor and not the other students (just like you), but they LOVE feeling like they’re in the room with other participants. Occasionally, snippets from a recorded class may be shared on our social media channels such as Facebook or Instagram. We also record routines for our YouTube channel. These are done separately from normal classes and only include those wanting to participate.

For the most up-to-date schedule, please check the class calendar listed above or the MindBody app. Class times and instructors may vary.