Affirmations are Everything

What’s the conversation like in your head? Is it full of positivity and encouragement, or is all that clouded by feelings of self-doubt and insecurity? We all have moments when we feel inadequate, nervous, or unsure – and that’s okay. The real trouble starts when these thoughts and feelings take up too much of your headspace for too long.

Negative self-talk can be damaging in huge ways. It can keep you from enjoying experiences, detour you from achieving personal goals, and lower your perceived self-worth. All of these byproducts of negative thoughts restrict you in activities and relationships and keep you from the happiness you deserve.

To reach your potential, you have to change the dialogue happening in your head. This can be easier said than done, but affirmations are a tool you can start using right away to create a positive mindset for yourself. Positive affirmations assert support and encouragement through simple, easy-to-repeat phrases. The more you say them to yourself, the more you’ll believe them. When you believe them, your confidence will grow and a positive mindset will emerge. Positive affirmations come in lots of varieties, but here are a few to help you get started:

Daily affirmations are words of encouragement to use on the regular. When you wake up in the morning,
start your day with messages like:

  • Today will be a good day.
  • I believe in myself.
  • Good things are going to happen.

Affirmations of confidence are just what you need when you feel your self-esteem dipping. Remind
yourself that you are enough with messages like:

  • I am beautiful.
  • I am worthy of being loved.
  • I inspire others.

Affirmations during hard times can keep you moving forward, even when you feel stuck. Keep putting one
foot in front of the other by repeating messages like:

  • I can do hard things.
  • Things WILL get better.
  • I am getting stronger every day.

To remind yourself to include positive affirmations in your daily self-talk, write them on note cards and put them in places you are sure to see them often. Leave yourself a love-note on the bathroom mirror, your steering wheel, or in the pocket of your purse or wallet. We’ve even got some pre-made affirmation cards inspired by song lyrics from SHiNE choreography that you can print and use to get you started!

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