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SHiNE is a dance fitness workout. We combine current hit music and choreo to help students feel confident and strong. This high-cardio workout combines jazz, ballet and hip hop moves with calisthenics in a HIIT format for a full-body workout.

We made our popular SHiNE Dance Fitness format more accessible when we created SHiNE LIGHT. Get the same fun and physical benefits of SHiNE without the impact and complexity. This class empowers students at all levels to feel successful.

Strength training has never been so fun! UPLIFT combines iconic hits from decades past and present with choreographed strength routines. You’ll use weights, bands, and focused balance and mat work for a well-rounded workout.

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    We know how hard it is to keep yourself motivated to workout from home, so we  make this a place you CANNOT WAIT to escape to! No online class is ever the same. We change up the playlists so you have a lot of variety and several different instructors to choose from who bring their own unique flair.

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    Taking an online class feels like you’re in the room with us. We call our style “reality fitness” because we want it to be authentic. Students in our classes haven’t rehearsed in advance. In fact, we sometimes have students in a recording who are attending their very first class!

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    Just like finding time to workout can be hard, it’s not always easy to find time for making new friends as an adult. We combine the two by creating opportunities for our community to connect. Whether it’s through our private Facebook group, Zoom calls, monthly challenges or group vacations, we love to see friendships blossom within our community! Yes, we said vacation! We plan incredible getaways every other year for our community to gather and be united in one location. These events allow members to take their virtual friendships to the next level.

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    We deliver a high-quality service loaded with oodles of value. Our videos are visually pleasing and the sound is piped in so you feel connected to the music. We release new classes weekly and brand new choreography each month. If you can’t wait for the next class to drop, you can use our Playlist Builder to create your very own workout! (Available on the PLUS membership and 100% worth it).

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    Online classes are available when you are! You can work out when and where you want and access classes by logging into the website on any device. You can even connect to your TV for a larger screen so you feel like you’re right in the room with us!



Access to 8 total classes (2 weeks worth of recorded classes) rotated out on a regular basis. Want unlimited access? Level up to a PLUS membership for just $6 more!
  • Free 7-Day Trial
  • Unlimited Playbacks
  • 2 New SHiNE Classes/Week
  • 1 New UPLIFT Class/Week
  • 1 New SHiNE LIGHT Class E/O Week
  • Express Class Options
  • Exclusive LIVE and Specialty Classes
  • Access to 8 Most Recent Classes
  • Invitation to Join Private Facebook Group
  • Invitation to Attend SHiNEcation
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BEST VALUE! Unlimited access to current AND archived classes. PLUS, you can craft your own class with the Playlist Builder feature, save all your favorites and so much more!
  • All Features of a Basic Membership, plus:
  • Access To 100’s of Archived Classes
  • Expanded Mel’s House Class Library
  • Ability to Save Favorites
  • Playlist Builder Feature
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SHiNE Online classes are top-notch, and online students have tons of ways to engage and connect remotely…but there’s nothing more satisfying than making those virtual relationships a reality.

We provide our community with the chance to gather for an EPIC weekend of play, connection, and of course dance, and we call it SHiNEcation! Start making plans to join us for our next SHiNEcation event NOW!

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Online members have access to SHiNE Dance Fitness, SHiNE LIGHT and UPLIFT workouts. This is REALITY FITNESS, meaning the students in our online class haven’t rehearsed. Workouts are available as full 1-hour classes, as well as 30-45 minute express classes and can be modified to accommodate varying fitness levels. Each class has a unique playlist that builds on routines from prior weeks to provide consistency. 

Classes are streamed in high definition with a wide-angle lens and professional sound quality, allowing you to experience the full class dynamic.

Some classes require equipment to get the most out of the workout while others do not! 

SHiNE Dance Fitness and SHiNE LIGHT classes DO incorporate toning routines. However, they do NOT require any equipment. 

For UPLIFT classes, you’ll want a pair of light, medium and heavy dumbbells (between 1-15 lbs) and at least 1 resistance band. UPLIFT equipment can be purchased in the SHiNE Shop (when stock is available). You can also find acceptable equipment in most local or online stores selling group fitness items.

We want to connect with you just like we do with our students in the studio! The private Facebook group for online members is used to share successes, struggles, thoughts, comments, stories and inspiration. We offer ongoing opportunities to connect via discussion questions and polls, community challenges and LIVE chats with members of Team SHiNE!

Online classes are hosted on the SHiNE Dance Fitness website which supports mobile devices. However, the mobile-view of pages may look a little different than what you see on a desktop. 

We recommend connecting to a secure wifi connection as high-definition videos can run poorly over cellular networks.

Online classes are NOT available directly through Roku, Amazon, or other video streaming services. However, there are many options available for using your TV as a monitor for our internet-based content. Some options include:

  1. HDMI Cable – This is a simple method to directly connect your mobile device or laptop to your TV’s HDMI port. This requires that you have a compatible cable between the two devices. Check with your device manufacturer for recommended cables.
  2. AppleTV – Using Apple’s AirPlay, you can easily mirror the screen of your iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer to your TV screen.  Streaming from your computer with a hardwired internet connection is best, but a mobile device works too with a strong wifi signal.  You can find detailed instructions and compatibility information for this method from Apple Support.
  3. Google Chromecast – Using Chromecast, Chromecast Ultra, or a TV with Chromecast built-in, you can easily cast from your PC or Android device to your TV screen.  You can find detailed instructions and compatibility information for this method from Google Support.
  4. Roku – Some Roku devices support the mirror feature from a PC or Android device. You can find detailed instructions and compatibility information for this method from Roku Support.
  5. Amazon Fire TV or Fire TV Stick – Download the Mozilla Firefox app from the Amazon Appstore. You can find detailed instructions and compatibility information for this method from Mozilla Support.

iWebTV – For iOS devices, this 3rd party app allows you to watch web-based content on your TV via Chromecast, AppleTV (4+ Gen), Roku, or Fire TV.  See the Apple App Store for more details.

New SHiNE Dance Fitness classes are typically added twice a week on Wednesday and Friday mornings (USA Time Zones).

New UPLIFT classes are typically added on Monday mornings, and SHiNE LIGHT classes are posted every other Monday morning.

We suggest checking out the “Starter class” button on the “Current Classes” page in the member portal. This SHiNE Dance Fitness class was created with simple, repetitive routines to help you get a feel for how we cue and build your confidence. Come back to this starter class as many times as you like.

Classes are taught by a variety of instructors, but most often you’ll see members of our choreography team including Kendall (our Founder), Kara, and Cathy. Additional online instructors Nicole, Krissy, Jamie, Kristina, Lizzie and occasional special guests. 

There’s currently a button within the portal labeled “Mel’s House.”  These are archived classes from our beloved warrior Mel, who passed away on September 13, 2022 from her third battle with breast cancer. Melanie was a significant contributor and invaluable asset to SHiNE and our community. She helped Kendall launch SHiNE’s first instructor training and was a talented choreographer and rockstar instructor. Mel played an integral role in making SHiNE what it is today and was a bright light in so many of our lives. Her legacy lives on in her recorded classes, her choreography, and in our hearts.

Plus members have access to our Playlist Builder feature which allows you to create and save playlists based on your workout goals, mood, and musical tastes. The Playlist Builder consists of video clips from online classes. New videos continue to be added on a regular basis to keep your workout fresh!

Yes! All new online members get a FREE 7-day trial during which you can cancel at no cost. After the trial period, your regular monthly or yearly billing will automatically occur. We don’t typically offer discounts. However, a yearly subscription plan saves you roughly 15%!

We accept electronic payments through our online store. Payments are accepted from all major credit and/or debit card companies. PayPal is also accepted. However, this payment method is more difficult to support as SHiNE doesn’t have access to your PayPal account information if billing issues should arise. Billing automatically renews and is month-to-month or year-to-year depending on the subscription purchased. You can cancel at any time, but no refunds are issued after the initial free 7-day trial for partial month/year usage. Please note that after cancellation, you’ll still have access to member-only content until your final billing subscription period runs out, i.e. – the end of the current month or year you purchased.

Yes! You can upgrade or downgrade your membership plan to a different level or billing term in the My Account >> Subscription area of the website. Note that all upgrades will be prorated, but downgrades are not.

In the My Account >> Subscription area of the website, you’re able to cancel your membership subscription. You can cancel at any time, but there are no refunds for partial month/year usage. Note that after cancellation, you’ll still have access to member-only content until your final billing subscription period runs out, i.e. – the end of the current month or year you purchased. Account cancellations will block future payments and access to our website’s member-only areas, but can be reactivated at a later date.

We recommend logging out of the website, closing your internet browser and clearing your cookies and cache before re-opening the site and logging back into your account. If that doesn’t help, please email our team at [email protected] for additional support.