Workout at Home Tips

Ah, the magic of group exercise!  The feeling of community, the motivation of an incredible instructor, the energy of a room full of people working towards a common goal of wellness – the benefits are astounding!  Is it always practical, though?

(We’ll pause for the collective sigh as we all think, “no.”)

There’s a whole slew of reasons you might prefer, or your circumstances might require, solitary workouts at home.  Never fear!  You can absolutely get an amazing workout this way, if only you “set the stage” just right (literally and figuratively).   

Here are our top five tips for maximizing the effectiveness of your at-home workout:

  1. You’ve got to “get your mind right” before you even start your home workout.  Choose a time of day when you typically feel energized and motivated.  Set a goal for yourself, and get pumped to reach it!  Want to sweat so hard your straightened hair gets curly?  Want to beat your squat record, or earn a new “badge” on your smart watch?  Set your intentions and get excited!
  2. Suit up!  (Any “How I Met Your Mother” fans read that in Barney Stinson’s voice?  Just us?  Anyway.)  It may sound silly, but what you’re wearing really matters when it comes to getting the most out of your workout.  It’s not about the style, the name-brand or the price tag; it’s about how your fitness attire makes you feel.  Do you want to feel frumpy, dumpy, like you’re holding on by a thread for the next hour?  No!  Think about the intentions you set in step number one, and dress accordingly!
  3. You’ve got your mind right, you’re looking fly, now it’s time to set the mood.  (Wait, what?)  Seriously!  The vibe in your workout space can totally negate all the effort you put into your mindset and your look, if you don’t choose it wisely.  Think about the privacy of the space (will you be interrupted by family members, or forced to “keep it down?”), the amount of room you’ll need to move around, and the lighting.  Is this a peaceful, candlelight and salt lamp kind of workout, or a high energy, disco ball party?  You decide!
  4. You’re almost ready to get started with the most effective at-home workout you’ve ever accomplished, but before clicking that play button, put on your tech hat for just a minute.  If you’re streaming a SHiNE Online Class, or something similar over the web, make sure you’ve got a stable internet connection so you won’t experience any interruptions.  The bigger picture, the better experience you’ll have, so plug into the biggest screen you’ve got!  (An HDMI cable can work wonders to bring “streaming” to a regular old, “non-smart” TV screen.)  And how about sound?  Decide before you get started if your speakers or headphones will provide a more enjoyable, immersive experience.
  5. LET’S DO THIS!  You’re ready!  You’ve checked off all the boxes and there’s not a thing you’re missing.  Well… except, perhaps… friends!  Remember that “group fitness magic” we talked about earlier?  You don’t have to miss out on it just because you’re working out at home, alone.  With SHiNE, you’re never alone! This fitness family is all about human connectionJoin our community group, connect with our instructors, find yourself an accountability partner (or hundreds!) and know that while you’re getting your effective workout at home, “alone,” you are truly a part of something much bigger.  In our homes, at the gym, no matter where we are – we are stronger together!
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