Meet the Duo Behind the Dance Mashups: Melissa and Cortney!

Have you ever wondered who’s responsible for those epic SHiNE Dance Fitness choreography mashups that make their way onto social media each month? It’s time to shine the spotlight on two incredible SHiNE Instructors, Melissa and Cortney, who are the brilliant minds and dancing feet behind these monthly mashups that SHiNE Nation has come to love. Get ready to dive into their inspiring stories and learn what makes them tick!

How Melissa Found SHiNE:

Picture a lifelong passion for dance, from high school and college dance teams to choreographing high school musicals. Now, sprinkle in years of teaching aerobics, step aerobics, and another dance fitness format. That was Melissa’s world until one fateful day in 2019. While casually browsing YouTube, she stumbled upon a SHiNE Dance Fitness ad announcing a live instructor training happening that very Saturday. Without hesitation, Melissa signed up, hopped in her car, and drove a whopping 200 miles to attend her first SHiNE class, led by Kendall Nielson, Founder and CEO of SHiNE Dance Fitness. The rest, as they say, is history. Completely blown away by the creativity and sense of community she experienced that day, Melissa realized she had finally found her people.

How Cortney Found SHiNE:

Cortney’s journey to SHiNE took a different route. Her love for movement was reignited during college through dance fitness. Fast forward a few years, and she found herself teaching classes at a group fitness studio where Melissa introduced SHiNE to their local community. While they had crossed paths before, it was the moment Cortney fell in love with her first SHiNE class that truly connected them. She was captivated by the contrast between feeling pretty and graceful one moment and doing some gritty butt-kicker moves the next. For Cortney, dance was a powerful means of expressing emotions, and she quickly decided to embark on her SHiNE instructor journey. Since then, they’ve become each other’s cheerleaders, collaborators, and co-conspirators in the world of dance.

What Melissa and Cortney Love About SHiNE:

Melissa and Cortney share a deep love for teaching SHiNE in the same community, often co-teaching classes to showcase both high-impact and low-impact options simultaneously. They wholeheartedly embrace the SHiNE culture, which promotes a positive body image and fosters an authentically caring community. Many of their students have expressed their gratitude for the safe and supportive space that SHiNE has created.

Fun Facts About Melissa and Cortney:

  • Both work in education, with Cortney as a preschool teacher and Melissa as a high school librarian.
  • They share a common love for good old-fashioned notebooks and planners.
  • Musical tastes and choreography preferences set them apart, with Cortney favoring boppy pop music and choreo, while Melissa leans toward songs and choreo with more grit.
  • Both are proud owners of smush-faced dogs, Cortney with a boxer and Melissa with a Boston Terrier and a French Bulldog.
  • Despite a 20-year age difference, they’re the perfect dance duo.
  • For Cortney, the routine that “sold” her on SHiNE was “Go to Work” by Tim Omaji, while Melissa couldn’t decide if it was “Glorious” by Macklemore or “Like That” by Memphis Bleek that stole her heart.

And there you have it – the inspiring journey of Melissa and Cortney, two incredible SHiNE Instructors who light up the dance floor and bring joy to the SHiNE community with their vibrant personalities and unstoppable passion for dance. Stay tuned for more of their amazing choreography mashups on social media.

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