How to Get Hired as a Group Fitness Instructor

You did it! You found the perfect group fitness format, signed up for instructor training, worked your tail off, and passed! We couldn’t be more thrilled for you. But wait, what’s next? Well, it’s time to find the ideal location to share your love for group fitness with the world. Whether you’re looking to teach at a gym, studio, or private facility, we’ve got some tips to help you stand out to hiring managers. And we promise, it’s not as intimidating as it sounds. Just follow these three simple steps to get you on the road to teaching today!

Fall in Love with the Facility

First things first, make sure you genuinely like the place where you want to teach. It’s kind of like dating – you want to feel that spark! Take a tour of the facility while proudly sporting your instructor gear. Bonus points if you’re already a member or drop in regularly. Why? Well, the hiring manager is more likely to notice your support for their facility, instructors, and classes. Plus, being familiar with the place gives you an instant leg up!

Be a Memorable Participant

If you find out that the hiring manager teaches or attends specific classes, consider taking them. Introduce yourself before class and leave an impression by being an engaged and enthusiastic participant. After the class, don’t be shy about complimenting their teaching or the class itself. And here’s the kicker – mention (with genuine excitement) that you’re a certified group fitness instructor. Be prepared to demo a song on the spot if they ask. Later, when you submit your resume, you can refer to this interaction to jog their memory.

PS – Be persistent! Group fitness managers are busy people and can be tough to reach. If you’re genuinely interested in a particular location, show that you’re eager and excited with professional follow-ups to stay top-of-mind.

Submit Your Resume with Confidence

When it’s time to submit your resume, do it with pride! Highlight your credentials or your anticipated completion date, along with program-specific details. If you aced your evaluation video with flying colors, include your score. 

PRO TIP: New to teaching and looking for a way to showcase your experience? Easy! Just list “reoccurring community classes” – these are the informal classes you’ve taught to friends and family in your garage, local park, or anywhere you could work out.

Bonus Ideas to Seal the Deal

  • In your cover letter or email, mention any prior connections you’ve had with the hiring manager.
  • Share inspiring quotes from your mentor during the training process or from your assessment feedback, highlighting your strengths.
  • Include a direct link to a promo video of your format so they can quickly see what it’s all about.
  • Point out similar formats on their existing schedule you could sub for.
  • Showcase your teaching abilities on your personal social media with videos.
  • Wear your instructor gear and consider carrying business cards.
  • Always have a playlist ready to go, and be prepared to teach at any time.
  • Make sure all hiring “loose ends,” like CPR certification, are tied up before you apply.
  • Show support for the facility by engaging on social media or attending their community events.

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