From Humble Beginnings to Million-Dollar Dreams

We’re excited to shine the spotlight on Adreana Alvarez, the dynamic force behind Love Her Shop. Dive into her journey with us and discover how she created the perfect leggings and a purpose-driven brand that empowers women.


A Quest for the Perfect Leggings

It all began with a seemingly simple gift – some brand-name leggings that, unfortunately, didn’t live up to the expectations. After a kickboxing session (with leggings constantly sliding down) and a mortifying realization (see-thru squats, anyone?), Adreana’s $100 leggings found their home in the trash.

It was her engineer husband’s innocent query, “What would you change about them?” that sparked a whirlwind of ideas. From high-waisted designs, 4-way stretch, to must-have pockets, Adreana found herself enthralled by the potential of creating the ideal leggings. Not thinking of herself as a fashion designer, she nonetheless delved deep into researching fabrics, designs and logistics for four months, culminating in a prototype that garnered rave reviews at the gym.


Finding Purpose in an Unexpected Encounter

But Love Her Shop is more than just about leggings. An emotional encounter with a woman freshly released from the hospital was the turning point in Adreana’s journey. 

“We were leaving a restaurant and I noticed a woman who had been released from the hospital wearing a hospital gown and some scrubs pants looking like she’d been through some sort of physical trauma. She had a black eye and bruising on her cheek. Something about seeing her trying to hide her face as she waited for someone to pick her up made me feel moved by her pain.”

Adreana’s simple act of gifting a hoodie and pants to the woman from a shop down the street became a powerful testament to human connection and compassion. The woman graciously accepted the gift saying, “Thank you. The one thing I prayed for was that another human being would just show me a little bit of love today.” 

That day, Love Her Shop was conceived, not just as a business but as a mission to make women feel confident, beautiful, and powerful. Adreana vowed to channel proceeds to support women in need, truly encapsulating the essence of “Love Her.”


From Local Pop-Ups to Digital Domination

Starting from pop-up shops in gyms and farmers’ markets, Love Her Shop had humble beginnings in Adreana’s home. The Covid-19 pandemic, though challenging, presented an opportunity. With people flocking online for home workouts and affordable athletic wear, Love Her Shop blossomed. The business saw astonishing growth, with sales skyrocketing past one million dollars in 2020. Today, it supports community gems like WEAVE, The Glass Slipper Foundation, and local food banks, to name a few.


Challenges Along the Way

But the journey wasn’t without obstacles. “It’s been a road full of challenges,” Adreana says,
“but I welcome each and every one.” From self-teaching web development to grappling with the intricacies of shipping operations, Adreana faced them all. Every challenge was an opportunity to grow and refine, ultimately benefiting not only her business but inspiring other entrepreneurs with her tale.


Setting Love Her Shop Apart

What’s distinctive about Love Her Shop, besides its heartwarming origin story, is Adreana’s dedication to quality and authenticity. Every legging is a labor of love, tailored to embrace every body type – tall, short, curvy, and everything in between. And the best part? You won’t find influencers sporting them. Instead, the brand ambassadors are the very women who adore and wear Love Her Shop leggings. Real women. Real stories.


Looking to the Future

Adreana Alvarez is a testament to what can be achieved when passion meets purpose. Through Love Her Shop, she has not only carved a niche in the athleisure world but has also made a significant difference in the lives of countless women. This year, she’s even looking forward to expanding Love Her Shop’s line for men. 

Here’s to Adreana, her incredible journey, and the many SHiNE moments she’s creating every day! Join us in cheering her on as she continues to grow and shine. 

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