Shine Retreat 2019



We take the SHiNE philosophy that we live out on the dance floor and we put it into action over an entire weekend. What does this mean?  We strongly encourage our students to take a break from “adulting” when they come to a SHINE class. We ask them to be present and we do this by providing a safe, judge free place to be their authentic self. We believe in the power of connection. When we run in and out of classes we don’t always have this opportunity, but at a SHiNE retreat we get to go deeper and learn so much more about one another.
The retreat is designed to connect the entire SHiNE Tribe in one location.   We have online students and SHiNE Instructors who attend and come from all over.
Ages: 18 and above.
 This ‘Ultimate Play Get Away’ makes a great Christmas gift, Valentines Gift, or Mothers Day Gift.  If anyone including yourself says that a retreat to go play seems pointless or frivolous they would be wrong. We were made to connect, gather, laugh, learn and be inspired by one another.  Often times we don’t make this a priority because we are too busy being busy and serving others.  Just stop for a second and envision being surrounded by down to earth women who will make you laugh until your cheeks hurt and who are genuine and will make you feel seen and heard.  This weekend is medicine for the soul.  Doctors orders…You must Go!  😉