Mel’s Scholarship Fund


What is Mel’s Scholarship Fund?

If you know about SHiNE Dance Fitness, you know about our Mel. The impact she had on SHiNE Nation, and continues to have through her choreography and many recorded classes, is undeniable. Dance was Mel’s therapy, her heartbeat. We wanted to be sure to honor her by making sure others could feel the magic of dance just like she did. So, inspired by her passion for dance, we’re starting Mel’s Scholarship Fund. Our vibrant SHiNE Nation can ensure the success of this program by contributing through heartfelt purchases like this limited edition t-shirt. Scholarships will be put toward a number of different programs offered by SHiNE, including instructor trainings, online memberships, event registration fees. Because breast cancer is a cause close to our hearts, monies from this fund may also be awarded by Team SHiNE as needs arise for individuals within our community who are battling this disease. If you know of someone in our community battling breast cancer and would like to nominate them to receive a gift, please email [email protected] with details explaining their unique circumstances for consideration.


Being awarded a scholarship from Mel’s Scholarship Fund means joining in on Mel’s dance legacy. It’s like catching a piece of Mel’s spirit and letting her passion move through you. And while donations aren’t tax-deductible, the feeling of helping someone dance like Mel? Absolutely unbeatable.

Who are these scholarships for?

SHiNE Dance Fitness offers gifts from Mel’s Scholarship Fund to assist those who are otherwise financially unable to participate in our programs. 

What are the terms for receiving a gift from Mel’s Scholarship Fund?

Below is a list of conditions to be considered before applying for a gift from Mel’s Scholarship Fund:

  • Applicants must be 18 years of age or older.
  • A complete application must be submitted via online form.
  • The application must be submitted by the intended recipient (or authorized aid).
  • Funds must be applied to the requested program/event noted on the application.
  • Funds are non-transferable and scholarships do not carry cash value outside of approved SHiNE Dance Fitness programs.
  • If a scholarship is awarded and not redeemed by the recipient within 2 weeks of notification, the awarded funds will be forfeited and otherwise allocated.
  • Applicants should align with the vision and mission of SHiNE Dance Fitness and follow all program guidelines and group rules. 

How are scholarship funds raised?

Mel’s Scholarship Fund exists solely due to the generosity of other members of SHiNE Nation. Funds are collected on an ongoing basis through varying channels including the purchase of a Mel’s Angels tee from the SHiNE Shop, a general donation via the SHiNE Shop, and occasional special events and fundraisers. Please note, donations made to Mel’s Scholarship Fund are not tax deductible.

How are scholarship funds distributed?

All applications are reviewed and recipients are chosen by the SHiNE Dance Fitness leadership team. Scholarship funds are distributed to approved applicants as they are available. Funds may be applied directly to the intended item for purchase in the form of a gift certificate or direct credit to the recipient’s existing SHiNE Dance Fitness account.

Applying for a scholarship does not guarantee receipt of requested funds. 

What can Mel’s Scholarship Funds be used for?

A scholarship from Mel’s Scholarship Fund can be applied toward the following:

  • SHiNE Online basic membership fees (up to 1 year)
  • SHiNE instructor membership fees (up to 1 year)
  • UPLIFT instructor membership fees (up to 1 year)
  • SHiNE instructor training registration fees
  • UPLIFT instructor training registration fees
  • Training fees associated with supplemental training and workshops provided by SHiNE Dance Fitness including SHiNE LIGHT, “Level Up” workshops, etc.
  • SHiNE Instructor Summit event registration fees
  • SHiNEcation event registration fees

How will I know if a scholarship has been awarded to me?

You will be informed via email if your scholarship request is approved in full or in part. If sufficient funds are not available at the time of your application, your request will be reviewed again once funds become available. 

How often can I apply for a gift from Mel’s Scholarship Fund?

Scholarships are awarded throughout the year. One scholarship request may be submitted per household each calendar year. 


Mel's Scholarship Fund Application

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