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Description: If you know about SHiNE Dance Fitness, you know about our Mel. The impact she had on SHiNE Nation, and continues to have through her choreography and many recorded classes, is undeniable. Dance was Mel’s therapy, her heartbeat. We wanted to be sure to honor her by making sure others could feel the magic of dance just like she did. So, inspired by her passion for dance, we’re starting Mel’s Scholarship Fund. Our vibrant SHiNE Nation can ensure the success of this program by contributing through heartfelt purchases like this limited edition T-shirt. Scholarships will be put toward a number of different programs offered by SHiNE, including instructor trainings, online memberships, event registration fees. Being awarded a scholarship from Mel’s Scholarship Fund means joining in on Mel’s dance legacy. It’s like catching a piece of Mel’s spirit and letting her passion move through you. And while donations aren’t tax-deductible, the feeling of helping someone dance like Mel? Absolutely unbeatable.

Click here to learn more about Mel’s story, or check out the FAQ Sheet to learn more about Mel’s Scholarship Fund. Feel free to contact with any additional questions.

  • 6.1 oz
  • 100% ringspun cotton
  • Unisex sizing
  • 1″ ribbed collar
  • Preshrunk, soft-washed
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Note: This special shirt for our Mel’s Angels campaign will not have the Instructor discount apply.

Hi There, This is Kendall and I would like to share the story of the “Hi” with you (on the front of the shirt). I was on my way to teach my first class after Mel’s passing and “talking” with her. I asked her to guide me and give me the strength to know how to show up for myself and for the students. When I arrived at the studio, all the students were ready to begin. Our electronic wall SHINE sign, which is usually colored all pink with a green dotted “i,”, did something unexpected. The “H” turned blue! We all saw it and looked at each other in shock; and I quickly checked if someone had tweaked the sign controls, but  no one

was near them. That sign had been up for 2-years and had NEVER done anything like that before. We all joked, “That was Mel” and began the class comforted by the feeling that she was with us. At the end of class, a student mentioned that the sign also read “Hi” with the new coloring. I loved believing that the “Hi” was from Mel, but the skeptic in me wasn’t entirely convinced.

That changed after sharing about a tattoo that I was planning to get in honor of Mel. I told the students about a conversation I had had months prior with Mel and she suggested I get a tattoo of the Breast Cancer Ribbon in the Metastatic Breast Cancer Colors, BLUE, PINK & GREEN. I would do anything for her, but we both came to the conclusion that me having a reminder of the cancer that took her from us would not be a good choice. I continued to share that following Mel and my tattoo conversation, whenever Mel and I would text one another, we’d add the emoji hearts for Metastatic Breast Cancer 💙💗💚.  If I sent her a red heart she would text back with the blue, pink and green hearts. One other interesting connection to these 3 colors is that at the start of Mel’s diagnosis, Jamie, Amy, and I (Mel’s Clutch) would say we were like the three fairies in Sleeping Beauty fluttering around her and anxious to help any chance we could. The 3 fairies happen to be Green, Blue, and Pink. My last text to Mel was those three hearts. After I got done sharing all these stories and details with my friends at the studio, I looked up at the SIGN and it was starring back at me saying “Hi” in pink, blue and green. It made my heart stop, and I was in tears because I knew without a shadow of a doubt Mel was right there. She is still with us, dancing, giggling and making hilarious comments as we SHINE.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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