Ali – Jenks, OK

My favorite thing about SHiNE – what makes it stand out in the crowd of Group Exercise programs – is the focus on the student as a whole person.  I was so moved by the amount of time spent in our Instructor training talking about how our classes make students FEEL.  The program was created not only to help women become more physically fit (and boy, does it do that!) but to encourage, inspire, and empower them to love who they are, let go of their inhibitions, and fully enjoy the life they’ve been given.  This difference is something you can feel the minute you walk into a SHiNE class, and it’s what made me so sure that it was exactly the right program for me. (And my students agree!  Numbers just keep going up at our studio!)  THANK YOU for creating a home for me, and for so many women, SDF!  Keep SHiNing!