UPLIFT Certified
SHiNE Certified
1-Year Instructor
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 6083850389

Ali J Facklam

Victoria, MN

Hi Everyone!! My name is Ali Facklam and I have been a dancer since I was 2 years old! Everything from tap, ballet, jazz, hip hop to Irish Dance, if there is music, I will be moving! I live in Minnesota with my husband and our deaf french bulldog, Maverick! Can't wait to see you in a SHiNE class soon!

Why I became a SHiNE/UPLIFT Instructor

I have been teaching other formats of dance fitness for 10+ years, but started to disconnect and become bored with the music/choreography. I had taken a few SHiNE classes in the past and felt this sense of community and passion for teaching dance while having fun and being yourself! It was always fresh and addicting music that you hear on the radio with amazing choreography to match! I haven't had a class that I wasn't looking forward to, and leave the class feeling so much better than when I went in! Truly love this community and sharing my love of dance with others!

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