January 2024 Online Uplift Instructor Training




Join us for the January ONLINE UPLIFT Instructor Training! This training is for anyone wanting to become a certified UPLIFT Instructor, earn AFAA (TBD CEUs), and NASM (TBD CEUs) and ACE (TBD CECs), or just to better learn UPLIFT fundamentals and improve your experience as a student. The UPLIFT Training is a highly engaging and interactive online experience that will provide you with all the tools and resources you will need to become a successful instructor. Despite being virtual, we strive to ensure you feel supported by providing you with a dedicated mentor that will help guide you throughout the process as well as a private Facebook Group filled with fellow trainees from all over the world. Additionally, your mentor will host weekly zoom calls for connection and to review any questions. To avoid overwhelming students, we have found that spreading the training material content out over a 3-week process allows trainees to get the most out of each section. You can plan on devoting approximately 5-hours of study time to the training each week, which is done at your own pace and schedule.

[dt_highlight color=”” text_color=”” bg_color=””]Note: Sign-up for this training is limited to active SHiNE Instructors initially.  Starting on 12/01/2023, access to the general public will be available.[/dt_highlight]


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  1. Sign up here! You’ll be prompted to sign our Training Liability Waiver, Terms & Conditions agreement. Once completed you will be able to complete your Store checkout. You’ll also receive a welcome email.
  2. The official start date of the training is the first Monday in January. On this date you will receive a kick-off email and get access to the 1st week’s video modules, starter playlist, Facebook group, training workbook, along with tutorials and choreography notes. Video modules can be watched on your schedule.
  3. This is followed up with emails on the 2nd and 3rd Monday’s in January with new materials and assignments for that week.
  4. Your final training email will be received on the 4th Monday in January. This email will provide you with the next steps on becoming a certified UPLIFT Instructor.
  5. In order to become a certified UPLIFT Instructor you are also required to submit a video of you teaching the UPLIFT warm up, a band routine, a back routine, an ab routine, as well as a sequence of fundamental moves. You will receive an evaluation form back from our Team, within 2-weeks, with detailed feedback and an overall score. This is a ‘NO STRESS’ exercise because we prepare you for it in the training! We have found that the evaluation feedback is what trainees value the most. Not only do students feel a sense of accomplishment, but they appreciate the constructive feedback which elevates their instructor game.
  6. Once you receive your evaluation back, with a passing score, and sign the License Agreement, you have the green light to join the Instructor Portal and start teaching alongside our great team of Instructors throughout the world!


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  • 3 Pairs Of Dumbbells (Light 3-5 lbs, Medium 8-10 lbs, and Heavy 12-15 lbs)
  • Rubber/Latex Resistance Band Set (3 resistances)
  • 9-inch Mini-ball – Optional
  • Fabric Resistance Band Set (3 resistances) – Optional
  • Floor Mat – Optional

Note: Check the SHiNE Shop for some branded gear!

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•  Introduction
•  Playlist Structure
•  Muscle Review & Mechanics
•  Choreography Tools
•  Transition Routines
•  Cueing and Modification
•  Standing Routines
•  Hype & Connection
•  Mat Routines
•  The Evaluation Process
•  Marketing & Resources
Note: Training materials remain available for 6-months after the start of training.


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  1. Complete the UPLIFT Instructor Training
  2. Pass the Evaluation
  3. Sign the License Agreement
  4. Be 18-years of age or older
  5. Have an active UPLIFT Instructor membership (US $24.99/mo.) or combo UPLIFT & SHiNE Instructor Membership (US $37.50/mo.)

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Early Bird Price: US $249.00* (If you sign-up 1-month prior)
Regular Price: US $299.00* The last day to sign-up for this training is January 1st, 2024.
*Note: No refunds are provided, however you can reschedule within 1-year for a different Online training date at no additional charge.


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