Training Video Re-Evaluation




SHiNE and UPLIFT Instructor Training certifications includes one video submission and evaluation. Participants receiving a RESUBMIT score on their evaluation must resubmit a video for the opportunity to improve their score to a PASS and become licensed to teach the SHiNE or UPLIFT format.


Once we receive your order, we’ll look for your resubmitted video for evaluation. It may take up to 2-weeks to receive feedback and a new evaluation form.

If you have any questions please reach out via email to [email protected]


  • Initial evaluation videos are due within 2-months, from the end of the training month, unless an extension was granted.
  • Trainees that do not receive a passing score on their initial evaluation must RESUBMIT. They have up to 2-months, from the date the RESUBMIT was received, to turn in another video.
  • Trainees that receive a second resubmit may RESUBMIT one final time. They have up to 2-months to turn in another video, from the date the RESUBMIT was received.
  • Trainees that receive a third resubmit, or did not submit any evaluation video by the deadline, must sign up for a new training and retake the course from the beginning.
  • Each RESUBMIT costs US$50. This is to cover the evaluators time.