Lyndsey – Meridian, ID

“Dancing is the closest thing to magic” is a motto I live my life by.  If you would have asked me two years ago if I would be a SHiNE Dance Fitness Instructor at my dream gym I would never have thought that was possible. SHiNE has a way of making you realize your potential and challenges you to reach for the unimaginable. There is no greater feeling than hearing your favorite inner warrior song blasting while dancing from your heart (not your head!) surrounded by a tribe of inspiring women. Sometimes you come to class wanting to channel your inner ballerina, while other days you want to punch it out like you’re in the ring taking on Rocky Balboa. SHiNE is a perfect mix of sugar and spice!  It’s a place where sweat is earned and a celebration of how strong your body is. It is my hope that my students walk out of class knowing they left everything on the dance floor feeling happier, stronger, and more confident than when they walked in. One of my favorite parts about being an instructor is watching the face of a student when their favorite song comes on and watching them live in the moment. My students continue to inspire me one class at a time. I cannot wait to see where my SHiNE journey takes me next…What’s holding you back? (Correct answer in SHiNE is NOTHING!).