I appreciate that you’re very clear in what you’re looking for and evaluating in the SHiNE instructor training process, but more than anything, I feel like you’ve created a safe space for gals of any dance skill level to feel comfortable to start out and grow. I’m impressed by the community you’ve created and grateful…

Thanks to SHiNE for an amazing, life changing course that has built my confidence so much!  Thank you for providing literally the best training mentor in the world, and for creating the best brand in the world with the best culture and values.

I am loving this Instructor online training ~ it has been such a fun, helpful, and personal stretching time for me.

This training has been so thorough and helpful in developing me as an instructor. I am a lot more conscious when I learn a new song that I follow the formula of learning choreography, memorising the music, verbal and non verbal cueing, and focussing on the STUDENTS, instead of worrying about ME trying to deliver…

It was really clear in terms of what we needed to do. The evaluation came across as a way to help us become better instructors to ultimately give our participants a more positive, effective, safe and fun experience. It was also clear that the team at SHiNE’s intention is to be supportive, constructive and kind…

Walking into my SHiNE class every week is like seeing all my best friends! We laugh, we dance, and we bond. As an adult, it can be hard to feel like you’re part of a group. SHiNE is so inclusive – everyone feels the love!

SHiNE is a safe place to dance like nobody’s watching, enjoy time with a wonderful community of friends, and exercise without even realizing it because it’s so stinkin’ fun.

I love SHiNE because it has helped me become me again. I give so much…and sometimes it’s nice to give to myself. SHiNE is my self-loving moment.

Jenny – Oklahoma

I love SHiNE Online classes because it’s a killer workout that’s FUN to do. Nothing else has increased my confidence more…and my kids are actually impressed with my dance moves now!

Dana – Virginia

I LOVE SHiNE Online classes because it’s so easy to squeeze in a fun, sweaty workout while my daughter is napping. Sometimes she even joins in my arms! If I don’t get to finish, I just pick back up when I can. So much fun!