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Kristine Kostuck

Bismarck , North

Hey there! My name is Kristine, and I teach SHINE at the Bismarck Aquatics Center in my hometown of Bismarck, N.D. Check out the Bismarck Parks and Recreation website at to see when my next class is.

Why I became a SHiNE/UPLIFT Instructor

I became a SHINE Instructor after dancing my heart out to a ton of videos on the company's Youtube channel. Teaching dance fitness was always something I dreamed of doing and even started taking classes in college to become an instructor, but an eating disorder prevented me from becoming certified. Almost ten years later, after finding SHINE online, I got my second chance to become an instructor. It's been an amazing adventure.

Upcoming Classes

  • Date
    Thu, Dec 31
    Class Info
    12:00am - 12:00am
    Bismarck Aquatics Center
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