SHiNE Certified
1-Year Instructor
2 -Year Instructor
CPR Certified
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Phone: 4055357384

DeDe Webb

Oklahoma City, OK

I live in Moore Oklahoma. I was born and raised in OKC. I haven't traveled much out of Oklahoma, just on short trips with cruises. I NEVER thought I would be doing anything fitness related years back. I once weighed almost 300 lbs. size 28 pants!!! When I finally decided to get into fitness, it took a few tries, but I found that it is so rewarding. I want to share what I love for fitness with others!

Why I became a SHiNE/UPLIFT Instructor

I always love to watch people dance. It is like a WOW factor for me. I had wanted to be in those people's shoes who I watched dance. I joined a Zumba class and I enjoyed it so much that I wanted to teach dance. Although, Zumba, wasn't fit for me. I enjoy teaching dance to a group. When I found out about SHiNE!!! it was a game changer! This was it, I fell in love!! Shine, was made for me! Well for more than just me. I wanted to be a part of that Shine world!! So I did. I currently teach the format at my local YMCA near me. The Earlywine branch. I currently teach on Tuesday mornings at 1040 AM. This is the only time I teach for now. Maybe in the near future I could teach more.

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