Level-Up Certified
SHiNE LIGHT Certified
SHiNE Certified
3-Year Instructor
CPR Certified
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 717-446-3931

Cortney Shaffer

Shippensburg and Chambersburg, Pennsylvania

Hi, I'm Cortney! I grew up cheering and later found a love for movement again in college through dance fitness. I've been teaching dance fitness since 2017, but once I found SHiNE, I fell in love from the first class! I've been teaching SHiNE since 2020 and have taught at a variety of locations - boutique group fitness studios, elementary schools, college rec centers, YMCAs, gyms, and dance studios. Can't wait to see where I'll teach next!

Why I became a SHiNE/UPLIFT Instructor

I have always loved the variety of dance styles, music genres, and playful vibes throughout a SHiNE class. I like to say that we get to be "gritty", then we get to be "pretty". I continue to teach SHiNE classes because of the friendships made before, during, and after class. Students who love SHiNE too make the best friends!

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