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Sunshine Keuter

Saint Anthony, ID

I am. . . . many things. I am a holistic healer, wellness coach, and so much more. I wasn't always into fitness and it took a long time to come around too it. I never felt it was a natural thing to want to do. I never saw myself as needing it, but found myself hiding from it. A new gym opened up and I felt it was time to get healthy. They started a challenge of 100 workouts in 180 days. It took me all 180 days to complete that first 100 workouts. The following year they did a "Member of the Year" challenge, sending that member and their family to Disneyland. In that year, I completed over 400 workouts and found a new passion for fitness. My first certification was Pound, followed by P90X Live and then Turbo Kick. Sadly, I do not teach these any longer, but am a certified group fitness instructor, certified SHiNE Dance Fitness instructor, and certified SH1FT Fitness Instructor. I am teaching at my local gym and branching out to virtual coaching.

Why I became a SHiNE/UPLIFT Instructor

It was after the SHiNE retreat in 2018. I was so nervous to go to a retreat with other women that I didn't know. I felt that I was going to be judged and left out. THAT is the exact opposite of what happened. IT was the most caring, loving, and truly remarkable group of women. It was after this that I decided to certify and be the sub for my bestie. After she moved away, it took awhile for me to get SHiNE going again. But I did and have been building my tribe.

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