The Benefits of Working Out with Your Best Friend

There’s something magical about working out with your best friend. It’s like combining a power smoothie with your favorite dance track—pure synergy! Whether you’re doing burpees or dancing your heart out in a group fitness class, having your BFF by your side can make all the difference. Here’s why teaming up with your bestie for workouts is a game-changer, along with tips and tricks to get them through the door.

Why Bestie Workouts Are the Best

  • Motivation and Accountability. Let’s face it, hitting the snooze button is a lot harder when you know your best friend is waiting for you at the gym. Studies have shown that having a workout partner (or several) significantly increases your commitment to consistently exercising.
  • Fun Factor. Workouts are way more fun when you have someone to laugh with. Playful jokes, shared triumphs, and even those “What were we thinking?” moments turn sweat sessions into cherished memories.
  • Healthy Competition. A little friendly competition never hurt anyone. Whether it’s who can hold a plank longer or who can nail the end pose in a bit of choreography, a little rivalry can push you both to new heights.

Tips to Persuade Friends and Family to Join

  • Share Your Success Stories. Tell them how working out has benefited you. For instance, members of SHiNE Nation often share how participating in SHiNE and UPLIFT classes helps them overcome mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression, in addition to improving their physical health.
  • Make It a Social Event. Combine workouts with social activities. It can be hard for busy adults to find friend-time, so suggest using your workout as a chance to connect. Post-class smoothies, anyone?
  • Offer Incentives. Many studios offer free trial classes or bring-a-friend discounts. Highlight these perks to make joining even more appealing.
  • Highlight the Fun. Emphasize how much fun they’ll have. If you’ve found a workout that you love, chances are your bestie will love it too. And if they don’t, they will at least love seeing you happy and in your element!
  • The Downfalls of Skipping Workouts

We all know life can get busy, especially as the weather warms up and we’re tempted to ditch indoor spaces for outdoor activities. But skipping workouts can lead to decreased motivation, loss of progress, and a harder time getting back on track. In fact, even short breaks can lead to declines in fitness levels and mental health benefits.

Keeping Each Other on Track

  • Set Goals Together. Whether it’s attending a certain number of classes per week or mastering a new move, shared goals can keep you both focused. At SHiNE, we provide a community-wide resource and accountability challenge called 100 STRONG that encourages you to track your progress toward completing 100 classes over the course of the year.
  • Regular Check-Ins. Text each other daily motivations or reminders. A simple “See you at 6!” can be just the nudge needed.
  • Celebrate Successes. Reward yourselves for meeting goals. New workout gear or a fun lunch date can be great incentives.

More Than Fitness

Working out with your best friend is more than just exercise; it’s a way to strengthen your bond, stay motivated, and have fun. So grab your bestie, lace up those sneakers, and hit the gym, the dance studio, or the great outdoors together.

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