From School Drop-Offs to Dance-Offs: Tiffany and Lauren’s SHiNE Journey

Friendship, dance, and a shared love for fitness—Tiffany and Lauren from Arizona have combined all these elements into a powerful duo that brings energy, joy, and community to their SHiNE Dance Fitness classes. Let’s dive into their stories, filled with laughs, support, and a few unforgettable dance moves.

From School Drop-Offs to Dance-Offs

Tiffany’s fitness journey began in 2010, a time when she was battling anxiety. Her doctor recommended regular fitness instead of medication, so she started with at-home workouts. Among her collection was a delightfully cheesy DVD that involved dancing with her baby and toddler. “My husband and I still quote lines from it to this day. It was hands down my favorite workout!” Tiffany recalls.

As Tiffany’s kids grew older, she went back to work full-time for their family business which is run primarily out of their home. “Besides volunteering at my boys’ school, I desperately was searching for something outside of the home that was just for me,” says Tiffany. Insert Tiffany’s best friend, Lauren…

Lauren’s story with SHiNE began with her daughter Londyn and Tiffany’s youngest son Logan, who have been schoolmates since kindergarten. Although Tiffany and Lauren saw each other during drop-offs and volunteering, it wasn’t until their kids were in the same second grade class that they truly connected. Their children’s instant friendship led to family hangouts, and soon Tiffany and Lauren, along with their husbands, became inseparable. They even dubbed themselves “the Breers” (a blend of their last names, Brown and Greer). “We vacation together, celebrate holidays together, and just love doing life together,” says Lauren.

Lauren and Tiffany first experienced SHiNE Dance Fitness in 2020 when a friend got certified and invited them to attend class. Despite trying other fitness formats in the past without much success, they found themselves instantly hooked on SHiNE. “The connection to the music, the fun choreo, and the positive vibe made SHiNE feel like home,” Tiffany says. Despite initial nerves, Tiffany took the plunge to become an instructor herself, inspired by the community and the mentorship she received. 

“She asked me to move up to the front of the room closer to her for support,” Lauren recalls. “We always used to dance next to each other in the back,” says Lauren. “The more I did that and saw Tiffany’s love grow for the format it clicked – I could not, NOT become an instructor!” 

Just one week into Lauren’s instructor training, she and Tiffany attended the first-ever SHiNEcation in 2022. “It confirmed that I had made the right choice to get certified,” says Lauren. “SHiNE is my space to let loose and release whatever life throws at me. I love watching my students grow, and providing a space where women can lift each other up, laugh, and celebrate being themselves brings me so much joy.”

Together, Tiffany and Lauren create playlists, come up with fun themes, and support each other through every dance move. “Having Tiffany as my partner means knowing we have each other’s backs with no competition,” Lauren shares. Their classes are not just about fitness; they’re about building a supportive community where everyone feels welcome and celebrated.

Enjoy the Journey

Tiffany and Lauren’s journey as SHiNE instructors and best friends is a testament to the incredible power of fitness and friendship. Their story is a beautiful example of how supporting each other can lead to personal growth, community building, and a whole lot of fun. So grab your bestie, find a class, and start your own fitness adventure together. You might just find, as Tiffany and Lauren did, that the journey is just as rewarding as the destination.

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