Redefine Your Life

SHiNING Star: Dottie Peters

Location: Manchester, NH, USA

SHiNE Certification Date: March 2020

Teaches: 2 classes/week (1 morning and 1 evening) in-person at a facility offering multiple formats and owned by fellow SHiNE Instructor, Susanne! Dottie also subs for her local SHiNE sister, Sarah, on occasion!

Favorite SHiNE routine: Focus by Ariana Grande

Pets: 2 cats, Maia and Rudy

Hobbies: Dottie loves to read and enjoys spending time with her two grandsons.


SHiNE Instructor, Dottie, was recognized as a SHiNING Star in July 2022 and shared her beautiful memories from the first-ever SHiNE Instructor Summit (SIS) that took place in September 2021. Dottie’s experience as a Group Fitness Instructor runs deep, having first been certified in another format in 1986. Even after taking a few breaks from teaching along the way, Dottie has accrued 18 years as an Instructor, and we’re so glad she finally found us at SHiNE! 


An educator by trade, it’s no surprise that Dottie came to SHiNE as a rockstar Instructor. In addition to her 18 years in group fitness, Dottie taught elementary school for 20 years and was even recognized as New Hampshire’s Teacher of the Year in 2009 for Gifted Education. Basically, Dottie’s awesome.  


Even though her talents are obvious to us, Dottie had some reservations about attending SIS. At 60 years old, she was worried she’d be the oldest attendee at the event (she wasn’t) and the idea of flying by herself to a state where she knew no one was a little scary. But, even with those nagging voices in the back of her mind, she booked her flight and didn’t look back!


“Everyone at SHiNE told me I’d feel like family right away, and they were right,” says Dottie. “From the moment I showed up, I felt recognized. People knew my name! I felt connected, special, important, and appreciated.”


Dottie recalls this as a redefining time in her life. Celebrating a milestone birthday, retiring from a beloved career, and attending this motivational event sparked a fire in her she hadn’t experienced before, and it was exciting! Her hairstylist, noticing this change, even wanted to put pink streaks in her hair, which Dottie politely declined. (We still think it would look great on her.)


Dottie reflected on each section of the event, sharing some of her favorite and most transformational moments. From the level-up training where she learned to let go of insecurities, to the breakout choreography session and lip sync concert where she began to truly dance freely – SIS was just the ticket to unleashing her alter ego full of confidence and a renewed sense of energy


Dottie recalls performing on stage at the Instructor Spotlight Class, looking out at a sea of powerful, confident women and thinking, “I want to be like that.” Well, guess what, Dottie? YOU ARE! And everyone reading this has it in themselves to be powerful and confident too. 


Sometimes it takes someone else giving you a boost in order for you to see yourself clearly. After one movement session, SHiNE Online Instructor, choreographer, and resident badass, Mel, approached Dottie and said simply, “I saw you,” and in Dottie’s words, “Being seen is everything.” 


Dottie returned home from SIS with new friendships, a tremendous growth in confidence, excitement, and joy, and began to share that good energy with students in her classes. Dottie loves giving her students a chance to escape whatever heavy things they’ve experienced that day. She always kicks things off with positive affirmations and an intro to class, and though she’s done this practice for some time, it changed slightly after her experience at SIS. “I was saying it, but not internalizing it for myself. Once I believed it to be true for me, I became more than just an educator, I became a leader.”


“To be able to see the students have that same transformation is amazing. You see women dance freely who would otherwise never let go,” says Dottie. 


Dottie’s friend and fellow SHiNE Instructor, Christine applauds Dottie for her transformation and the positive impact she is making in her community. She says, “Dottie allows you to do you! She gives you permission to take up space.”


Thank you for being such a bright light for SHiNE Nation, Dottie. We look forward to seeing SHiNE Instructors gather at the next SIS event in July 2023!